APDVoice Team has completed 4 Inspection Modules. These are Voice Module, Microbiology module, General ENT Module and Urology Module. Through these modules, doctors get the comfort of entering patient data. Even every single detail is available to fill during inspection and treatment process. Once you enter the information you can access it anytime and anywhere and also you can compare the previous inspection details for the exact patient.

These modules are developing continously. And the type of these modules are increasing and in future will include all branches of healthcare. “Private Attributes“ allows doctors to create special inspection forms. Upload of photo, video, and sounds

Some Features

  • Allows entering every single data.
  • Allows entering every single data FAST.
  • Allows entering every single data  Securely.
  • Allows entering wherever and whenever you are.
  • Allows creating private attributes(questions forms ).
  • Allows to upload a photo, video, and sounds files.
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